Former WWE Star Confronts D-Von Dudley Over Alleged Feud


Former WWE Star Confronts D-Von Dudley Over Alleged Feud
Former WWE Star Confronts D-Von Dudley Over Alleged Feud © SportsKeeda Wrestling/YouTube

WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley has long been revered for his powerful presence in the wrestling world. Recently, a surprising phone call with former WWE superstar, Maven Huffman, brought some past tensions into the spotlight, revealing an interesting history between the two legends.

Maven Huffman has been creating quite a stir with his YouTube channel, consistently drawing in significant viewership. In one of his latest videos, Maven dives deep into his past experiences with fellow wrestlers, specifically focusing on those who seemingly harboured animosity towards him during his initial years.

Among the names mentioned, D-Von Dudley stood out. Maven openly admitted his confusion about D-Von's past disdain, leading him to directly ask Dudley the burning question: "Why do you hate me so much?" D-Von, in a light-hearted tone, responded, "You were pretty at the time."

D-Von's Cold Reception

Reflecting on an old memory, Maven recalled an incident that might have fueled D-Von's irritation.

Following a spectacular match by The Dudley Boyz, Maven, in all his newbie enthusiasm, complimented D-Von, saying, "Yo D-Von, great match!" Instead of a nod or a thank you, D-Von greeted Maven with a disgusted look, followed by an exasperated sigh, before quickly making an exit.

This led Maven to speculate if D-Von's disdain stemmed from his belief that Maven, as a rookie, lacked the acumen to recognize a good match. However, the story takes a heartwarming turn. Maven shared that over time, the ice between them began to melt.

Their budding friendship was cemented when Maven offered D-Von a drink, bridging the gap that once seemed unbridgeable. In a testament to their newfound camaraderie, D-Von even stayed beside Maven in the hospital all night when he sustained a broken leg.

Nearly two decades have elapsed since Maven was a prominent figure on WWE TV. But this recent interaction with D-Von indicates a strong bond, proving that past differences can indeed be laid to rest, replaced with mutual respect and friendship.

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