Did SmackDown Drop Hints About Leaders for Survivor Series WarGames Match?


Did SmackDown Drop Hints About Leaders for Survivor Series WarGames Match?
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The WWE Universe might be on the brink of witnessing an exhilarating showdown between Team RAW and Team SmackDown at the upcoming Survivor Series WarGames. This speculation gained traction after last week's SmackDown, where Triple H threw a curveball by announcing separate General Managers for both RAW and SmackDown.

While last week's announcement sowed the seeds of anticipation, the events that unfolded on this week's SmackDown provided even stronger indications of a potential inter-brand match. Recent actions hint at Jey Uso taking the helm for Team RAW, while his twin, Jimmy Uso, might step up for Team SmackDown.

This prediction stems from the thrilling drama that played out on both RAW and SmackDown: Jimmy's intervention during Jey's match on RAW cost them the Tag Team Titles, while Jey sought retribution on SmackDown with a surprise assault on Jimmy.

Adding fuel to the fire, the simmering animosity between the Uso brothers brought the General Managers into the fray, as they were seen embroiled in a heated debate on SmackDown. Thus, if the WWE intends to orchestrate a RAW vs.

SmackDown face-off for Survivor Series WarGames, the Uso brothers seem poised to champion their respective brands.

WWE Boosts Seating

In parallel, WWE's surging popularity was evident in their recent announcement concerning the Survivor Series WarGames.

Due to an overwhelming demand for tickets, the WWE decided to amp up the seating capacity for this coveted event. According to WrestleTix, the company has augmented the capacity by 2,784 seats, bumping up the total seating to a whopping 15,342.

This extension was not limited to Survivor Series, as it also applies to the SmackDown event scheduled the day prior. This testament to WWE's soaring success in 2023 emphasizes their unwavering fanbase. Remarkably, even without an official match card, the enthusiasm for the Survivor Series WarGames has exceeded all projections.

Wrestling aficionados should mark their calendars for November 25, 2023, as the Allstate Arena in Chicago readies itself for a spectacle that promises unforgettable thrills.

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