Rhea Ripley Talks WWE Australia Return & Her Role Model Status


Rhea Ripley Talks WWE Australia Return & Her Role Model Status
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WWE is set to further its global footprint in 2024, marking its grand return to Australia with the "Elimination Chamber" event scheduled for February in Perth. For superstar Rhea Ripley, this isn't just another show; it's an exhilarating opportunity to perform in her home country.

Recently, Ripley enjoyed a brief respite in Australia, but the prospect of competing on home soil brings a unique thrill. Speaking to "Sporting News Australia," she expressed her anticipation, saying, "It's one thing to make it to WWE, but another to perform in the very place where our dreams started.

There's an inherent magic to that."

Australia's WWE Comeback

It's been a while since the WWE Universe witnessed a Pay-Per-View event in Australia; the last one was the Super ShowDown in 2019. That night, The IIconics, another Aussie duo, had their moment of glory.

This time around, the stage is set for a host of Australian stars, including Ripley and emerging talents like Grayson Waller. The "Judgment Day" star eagerly added, "The energy in Perth is bound to be palpable. I'm bracing for an explosive night, with the crowd's roar echoing in my ears.

Their fervor is incomparable." Ripley's meteoric ascent in the WWE has not only garnered worldwide attention but has also struck a chord with budding Australian wrestlers. She was reminded of her growing influence during a recent visit to a Riot City Wrestling training session.

Although Ripley remains humble, her journey offers a beacon of hope for many. "Every time someone from home reaches out, be it online or in person, it fills me with pride," Ripley reflected. "Knowing I can spark inspiration in others, much like how I was inspired by greats before me, is truly rewarding." WWE's return to Australia symbolizes more than just a wrestling event; for stars like Rhea Ripley, it's an emotional homecoming, connecting their global journey with local roots.

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