The Undertaker Unveils New Podcast: 'Six Feet Under


The Undertaker Unveils New Podcast: 'Six Feet Under
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WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling icon The Undertaker is stepping out of the squared circle and into the world of podcasting. Known for maintaining a shroud of mystery around his real-life persona, Mark Calaway, the man behind The Undertaker character, has decided to peel back the layers in his latest venture called "Six Feet Under." Since retiring from in-ring action in 2020, Calaway has been gradually unveiling more of his off-screen life.

Audiences have seen biographies and documentaries that offer a glimpse into the man who played one of wrestling’s most enduring and iconic roles. Building on that momentum, The Undertaker has dabbled in stage appearances dubbed “1 Deadman Shows,” where he regales audiences with tales from his storied career.

Patreon Perks Revealed

Capitalizing on the hunger fans have for behind-the-scenes insights, Calaway recently took to Instagram to announce the launch of his new podcast. He revealed that "Six Feet Under" will also offer exclusive content via a Patreon page.

Subscribers will have access to a multitude of offerings ranging from untold wrestling stories to personal anecdotes and even Calaway’s own views on various topics. The page,, features three tiers of subscription, the highest of which will afford fans the opportunity to submit questions directly to The Undertaker himself.

"What I need you to do is tap on that link, it will take you to my Patreon account," Calaway urged in the announcement video. "There, you'll receive exclusive content—of not just my wrestling career, but my personal life and my viewpoints on a range of subjects.

So, head over to Patreon and check it out." Details about "Six Feet Under" are expected to roll out in the coming weeks, amplifying the anticipation for what could be a game-changing podcast in the wrestling entertainment sphere.

The Undertaker's move into podcasting is yet another indication of the unique space former pro wrestlers occupy in the audio storytelling landscape. Whether it's reliving classic bouts or diving into the mind of Mark Calaway, "Six Feet Under" promises to be a treasure trove for fans and a landmark addition to the growing list of wrestling-centric podcasts.

As wrestling aficionados continue to crave more content from their idols, The Undertaker's new venture is poised to make a significant impact. Don't forget to subscribe to catch the first episode of "Six Feet Under," as this is one journey into the depths you won't want to miss.

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