Drew McIntyre Talks UK WrestleMania: Could It Happen?

McIntyre adds fuel to the UK WrestleMania rumors.

by Noman Rasool
Drew McIntyre Talks UK WrestleMania: Could It Happen?
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Over a year has passed since WWE staged its landmark event, Clash at the Castle, in Cardiff, Wales. The evening was particularly significant for Scottish superstar Drew McIntyre, who entered the ring with the overwhelming support of more than 50,000 fans.

While not exactly his homeland, the United Kingdom was close enough to energize McIntyre in his bout against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Despite high expectations, McIntyre's hopes were dashed due to interference by Solo Sikoa.

Fast forward to July's Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, where John Cena made an unexpected appearance to champion the idea of bringing WrestleMania to the UK. Industry insiders opined that WWE wouldn't have allowed Cena to make such a pitch unless there was serious deliberation about the move behind the scenes.

Time is Right

Speaking to Good Karma Wrestling recently, Drew McIntyre expounded on why the time is ripe for WrestleMania to cross the Atlantic. "Our business model has evolved, we have a slew of successful international shows, and let's face it, the time difference with the UK isn't that significant," McIntyre stated.

The wrestling icon also drew attention to the precedent set by 2022's Clash at the Castle. "We've been hosting shows in Australia, where the time difference is considerably more challenging. So the argument against a UK event doesn’t hold water anymore," he added.

McIntyre expressed optimism about the possibility of WrestleMania coming to the UK, not just from a business standpoint but also as an experience for fans. "The energy, enthusiasm, and sheer wildness of UK fans would make it an unforgettable spectacle for viewers around the globe," he affirmed.

While WrestleMania 40 is already confirmed for Philadelphia next April, future venues remain a topic of speculation and anticipation. As of now, the WWE has not officially disclosed any plans for future WrestleMania locations, but with increasing buzz and endorsement from its top stars, the dream of a UK-based WrestleMania is closer to reality than ever before.

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