Nick Aldis Forces Raw Talent Off SmackDown Roster: Inside Sources

Major shifts unfold as new GMs shake up WWE.

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis Forces Raw Talent Off SmackDown Roster: Inside Sources
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In a seismic shift for WWE, Triple H recently unveiled new authority figures on the season premiere of SmackDown. After years of serving as an on-screen official, Adam Pearce has been elevated to the role of Raw General Manager.

Simultaneously, Nick Aldis, a former TNA World Champion, has been appointed General Manager of SmackDown. Nick Aldis wasted no time asserting his authority, completing a significant roster trade that sent Jey Uso to Monday Night Raw while ushering Kevin Owens into the SmackDown fold.

Owens referred to the move as "bittersweet," signaling both excitement and reservation about his new home.

San Antonio Showdown

Tensions erupted during a SmackDown event in San Antonio, Texas, marking a pivotal moment in the rekindled rivalry between WWE's flagship shows.

Jey Uso sought retaliation against his brother Jimmy Uso, who had previously cost him and Cody Rhodes the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. In a shocking backstage decision, Aldis imposed a hefty $10,000 fine on Jey Uso and promptly had him escorted off the premises.

Interestingly, Raw General Manager Adam Pearce, who was present at the event, interjected on behalf of Jey Uso. Aldis responded by having security remove both Pearce and Uso from the building, a move that speaks volumes about the escalating tension between Raw and SmackDown.

Pearce's parting words, "Let the games begin," hint at a larger conflict brewing between the two brands. This is particularly noteworthy as the 2022 edition of Survivor Series did not feature the traditional brand-vs-brand storyline for the first time since 2015.

However, Pearce's cryptic comment suggests that WWE may be laying the groundwork for a renewed rivalry in time for this year's Survivor Series, scheduled for November 25th. As WWE fans anticipate the forthcoming power struggles both in and out of the ring, these latest developments signify a potential paradigm shift in how WWE's two primary brands interact and compete.

With Survivor Series on the horizon, it appears that both Aldis and Pearce are keen to reignite the fierce competition that has long defined WWE's dual-branded identity.

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