Carlito Talks WWE Debut, Cena Support, and Razor Ramon Influence

Exploring the origins and impact of Carlito's unique persona.

by Atia Mukhtar
Carlito Talks WWE Debut, Cena Support, and Razor Ramon Influence
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In 2004, Carlito made a striking debut in WWE, capturing the United States Championship from none other than John Cena. This victory placed Carlito in a unique position, drawing both admiration and envy from his colleagues backstage.

Now, years later, Carlito has opened up about those initial moments of his career, expressing his gratitude for Cena’s unwavering support during that pivotal time. Reflecting on his rapid ascent to fame, Carlito shared his experience with “Cheap Heat,” revealing how Cena played an integral role in helping him gain acceptance and respect in the locker room.

“To secure a championship on my debut was nothing short of surreal. Of course, it brought along its fair share of challenges, with some voices backstage casting doubts and branding me as ‘the next big thing.’ However, I had faced similar situations before and knew how to maintain my composure,” Carlito recounted.

He continued, “John Cena was an incredible partner through it all. He extended his support and guidance, making my transition into the spotlight much smoother. I remember thinking he was playing a joke on me because he was exceptionally nice throughout the day.

But the moment we locked up in the ring, and he delivered that first kick to my stomach, I realized he’s just that intense in the ring,” he added with a laugh.

Crafting Caribbean Cool

Carlito also took a moment to delve into the creation of his iconic "Caribbean Cool" character, renowned for spitting apple slices at those he deemed ‘not cool.’ When probed about the inspiration behind this character, Carlito admitted to borrowing elements from another legendary wrestling persona.

“My vignettes bore a striking resemblance to Razor Ramon’s classic segments. I remember a particular instance where Razor spat something out, and that inspired me. In my version, I was at a fruit stand, and upon refusing to pay, I spat in the vendor’s face.

Vince McMahon loved the audacity of it all, encouraging me to keep that as a part of my character. Little did I know, it would become such a defining trait of Carlito's "Caribbean Cool" persona,” he concluded. Today, as this news circulates across platforms like MSN, Google, and Google News, Carlito’s journey serves as a testament to the power of mentorship and the unexpected paths our inspirations can lead us on in the world of professional wrestling.