Lyra Valkyria Shares Thrilling WWE NXT Matchup Against Becky Lynch


Lyra Valkyria Shares Thrilling WWE NXT Matchup Against Becky Lynch
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WWE NXT is gearing up for an electrifying Halloween Havoc event, spanning two thrilling nights starting next week. Among the most hotly anticipated matchups is the clash between two Irish wrestling sensations, as Lyra Valkyria challenges Becky Lynch for the coveted NXT Women's Championship.

Valkyria, in a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, poured her heart out about the excitement and significance of going head-to-head with "The Man." In her heartfelt interview, Valkyria couldn't contain her enthusiasm for this colossal showdown.

She spoke of her deep connection with NXT, revealing that the brand had served as her inspiration and driving force from the very beginning of her wrestling journey. NXT was the one show she couldn't afford to miss week after week.

"NXT was always the stage I wanted to get to. And Halloween Havoc, wrestling Becky Lynch for the NXT Women's Championship, that's just not something I even thought about being in the realms of possibility," Valkyria expressed.

"Because Becky, she's one of the most decorated women in all of WWE, and I couldn't have imagined that in 2023, she would be the NXT Women's Champion, and this would be my stage to show what I've got. I just can't believe it.

I can't put it into words."

Inspiration and Rivalry

Valkyria went on to share how much of an inspiration Becky Lynch has been to her. The two wrestlers have a remarkable connection, having trained on the same mats and lived close to each other in their formative years.

Their striking similarities were recently showcased in an NXT video package, cementing Valkyria's admiration for Lynch. However, she acknowledged the need to set her admiration aside now that they are opponents in the ring.

"I've told the world that now, but it's going to be very different at Halloween Havoc because we're opponents now, and that has to go out the window," she explained. "I can't think that way anymore because it's not about how much of an inspiration she was to me anymore.

She's got something that I want now. I wasn't working all these years to be worthy to stand across the ring from her. I've been working all these years to become someone who can beat Becky Lynch." Valkyria's path to this championship match was well-earned, as she triumphed over tough competition in a triple-threat match against Indi Hartwell and Roxanne Perez on an episode of NXT earlier this month.

The monumental showdown between Valkyria and Lynch is set to unfold on the first night of NXT's Halloween Havoc special, scheduled for October 24. Wrestling fans can look forward to a thrilling Halloween treat as the second night of this special event follows on Halloween itself.

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