Nia Jax Returns, Eager to Face Rhea Ripley & Raquel Rodriguez

Nia Jax's WWE comeback brings excitement and anticipation

by Noman Rasool
Nia Jax Returns, Eager to Face Rhea Ripley & Raquel Rodriguez
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Nia Jax, the WWE powerhouse, has made her triumphant return to the women's division, and the landscape she's encountering is vastly different from when she last graced the ring in 2021. In a recent interview on "After the Bell," she opened up about the transformations within the industry.

Reflecting on her initial foray into wrestling, Jax recounted, "Back when I first tried out, I've always been the bigger girl." She marveled at the prospect of being part of a roster filled with formidable talents. However, she acknowledged the need to adapt her approach to fit this new era, which she views as a mental challenge, a profound shift in her wrestling style.

One of her most eagerly anticipated matches on the horizon is a fatal five-way bout for the Women's World Championship in Saudi Arabia, where she will square off against none other than the reigning champion, Rhea Ripley.

Jax expressed her admiration for Ripley, labeling her a ring powerhouse and commending her for being the first to make her bleed. Additionally, she's eagerly anticipating a showdown with Rachel Rodriguez, drawing comparisons to iconic larger-than-life wrestlers like Bam Bam Bigelow.

"I can do these things," Jax affirmed, showcasing her enthusiasm for the evolving dynamics of women's wrestling.

Nia's Crown Jewel Strategy

As she gears up for Crown Jewel, Jax is well aware that her fellow competitors are vying to prove themselves against her.

Her focus remains fixed on dethroning Ripley, especially in light of the champion's association with Dom Dom. Jax hinted at a powerful maneuver, the Banzai Drop, as a potential game-changer in the match. Nevertheless, Nia Jax isn't underestimating any of her opponents in the fatal five-way contest.

She had words of praise for Zoey Stark's athleticism and strength. Shayna Baszler also earned recognition for her impressive achievements, including ending Ronda Rousey's tenure in WWE and, in storyline, breaking Jax's arm a few years ago.

But of all her adversaries, it's Rachel Rodriguez who has her full attention. Jax couldn't contain her excitement about the prospect of a one-on-one showdown with Rodriguez, a muscular force to be reckoned with, and confidently predicted her own victory.

With her return, Nia Jax has injected fresh energy and anticipation into the WWE women's division. As she sets her sights on reclaiming the Women's World Championship, fans can expect nothing less than a spectacular showdown in Saudi Arabia, and the wrestling world eagerly awaits the outcome.

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