John Cena WWE Return: Hollywood Hiatus or Homecoming?


John Cena WWE Return: Hollywood Hiatus or Homecoming?
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Legendary wrestler and 16-time world champion, John Cena, has been dropping hints that fans might see him in the WWE arena longer than they anticipated. Cena, who has been juggling his impressive Hollywood career and wrestling, recently turned heads with a cryptic Instagram post.

He shared an image of Leonardo DiCaprio's renowned character, Jordan Belfort, from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street." The memorable scene captures DiCaprio passionately proclaiming, "I'm not leaving!" This tease comes on the heels of Cena's return to WWE in September.

His comeback was amidst the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA actors' union strikes, which had impacted his acting commitments. Following his return, Cena donned multiple hats, hosting Payback and stepping in as the special guest referee during the LA Knight vs.

The Miz bout. Additionally, in a thrilling tag-team match at Fastlane, Cena and Knight triumphed over Bloodline's Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. On a recent SmackDown episode, Cena, aged 46, addressed the swirling retirement rumors and candidly spoke about his recent WWE track record.

Highlighting that it's been 2,002 days since his last solo win on WWE TV, he threw an open challenge to the locker room. This bold move saw Sikoa and Jimmy Uso confront Cena, but with Jey Uso's surprise intervention, Cena showcased his iconic move, the Attitude Adjustment, on Sikoa.

Cena's Uncertain WWE Future

The wrestling community is abuzz with Cena's participation in the upcoming Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on November 4th. Indications suggest a face-off between Cena and Solo. While the exact trajectory of Cena's WWE journey post this event remains a mystery, his Instagram post has ignited discussions about a longer WWE stint.

Notably, the writers' strike has concluded, but the actors' strike persists. This situation leaves the door open for Cena's WWE involvement. Cena, during a Fastlane press conference, highlighted the challenges of balancing both worlds.

He emphasized the risks involved, stating, "I've made it clear that you can't do both because of the liability insurance." He further expressed his eagerness to return to his movie project once the strike ends. Given the unpredictable nature of the strike, Cena and WWE are treading cautiously, likely planning their next steps based on evolving circumstances.

As Cena's stature in WWE remains unparalleled, the organization would certainly relish his extended presence, particularly as he mentors and uplifts emerging talents.

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