Drew McIntyre Reflects on Unique WWE Title Win Amid Empty Arena


Drew McIntyre Reflects on Unique WWE Title Win Amid Empty Arena
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As the wrestling world gears up for WWE Crown Jewel on November 4th, all eyes are on Seth "Freakin" Rollins and Drew McIntyre, who will go head-to-head for the World Heavyweight Championship. This bout holds particular significance for McIntyre, a former two-time WWE Champion, who could seize the world title for the first time in nearly three years.

Despite McIntyre's already illustrious career, his prior championship wins have a unique distinction—they took place without the electric atmosphere of live fans. His initial triumph came at WrestleMania 36 at the WWE Performance Center, while the second unfolded in Orlando's Thunderdome in November 2020.

Both arenas were eerily silent, devoid of the raucous crowds usually associated with such momentous events, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic's Plot Twist

WrestleMania 36 was initially set to be McIntyre's watershed moment.

After an unforgettable Royal Rumble performance, where he ousted Brock Lesnar, the stage was set for a grand showdown with Lesnar at the year's biggest wrestling event. Yet, the pandemic changed the script, forcing WWE to adapt by moving their shows to the Performance Center and later introducing the Thunderdome concept.

Beating Brock Lesnar in less than five minutes, McIntyre clinched the WWE Championship, but instead of celebrating amidst the deafening cheers of 70,000 fans, he found himself atop a turnbuckle posing for a handful of WWE staff members.

While the moment lacked the traditional grandeur, it offered an intimate glimpse into McIntyre's emotional landscape. In a recent interview with journalist Mike Jones, McIntyre delved into the peculiarities of that experience.

"There’s no comparison when it comes to adrenaline. I beat Brock Lesnar, 1-2-3, in silence," he stated. He went on to reflect how the moment captured something unique, saying, "That was kind of what we captured at WrestleMania— that private, silent moment, something you'd only experience if you were like my wife, sitting in a hotel room after the adrenaline had come down." As we approach WWE Crown Jewel, Drew McIntyre stands on the cusp of adding another chapter to his extraordinary career.

Will it be a crowning moment, amplified by the roar of a live audience, or will McIntyre find victory in silence once more? Only time will tell.

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