AEW Star Advocates for LA Knight, Not Cody Rhodes, to Dethrone Roman Reigns in WWE

Thunder Rosa shakes up the WWE title conversation.

by Noman Rasool
AEW Star Advocates for LA Knight, Not Cody Rhodes, to Dethrone Roman Reigns in WWE
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In a surprising turn of events, AEW's Thunder Rosa has offered her own unexpected recommendation for who should challenge Roman Reigns for his WWE Title, and it's not who most fans are betting on. While a confrontation between Cody Rhodes and Reigns on WWE's October 13 SmackDown episode fueled speculation that a WrestleMania 40 showdown is on the horizon, Rosa believes LA Knight is the man for the job.

Speaking on the popular wrestling podcast "Busted Open," Thunder Rosa emphatically endorsed LA Knight as the true contender to Roman Reigns' WWE Title. "In my view, right now, the man who can elevate that title to new heights is LA Knight," Rosa stated.

"The beauty is, WWE didn't ram him down the audience's throat; his rise has been natural." Despite facing some pushback from co-host David LaGreca, Rosa stood her ground, even going so far as to suggest that WWE should allow Knight to emerge victorious in the upcoming Crown Jewel event.

"LA Knight has an authentic connection with the fans," Rosa elaborated. "You hear 'Yeah! Yeah!' in every arena. That's what makes a superstar a superstar, and he's got it."

Rosa's WrestleMania Insight

The conversation inevitably shifted toward WrestleMania 40 and WWE's potential plans.

A panelist proposed a two-night title defense for Reigns, where he would face both LA Knight and Cody Rhodes. Rosa quickly shut down the idea, arguing it would undermine Rhodes' own journey toward the championship—a title that has long eluded his illustrious wrestling family.

"Dragging out this 'finish the story' angle with Cody is a mistake," Rosa asserted. "He was the known talent around WrestleMania 39, and they missed that boat. And with LA Knight, they have a surprise hit. I doubt they anticipated how resonant he would become." As fans continue to speculate about WrestleMania 40's main event, Thunder Rosa's endorsement adds another layer to the complex narrative around Roman Reigns' potential challengers.

Only time will tell if WWE heeds her advice, but one thing is certain: LA Knight's stock is on the rise, and if Rosa's insights are any indication, he's more than ready for the spotlight.

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