Rey Mysterio Hints at WWE Retirement Around 50th Birthday

Wrestling legend Rey Mysterio reevaluates his retirement plans.

by Noman Rasool
Rey Mysterio Hints at WWE Retirement Around 50th Birthday
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In a shift from his previous statements, wrestling icon Rey Mysterio has recently suggested that retirement might not be as imminent as once thought. Initially, Mysterio hinted that he would consider hanging up his boots before reaching the age of 50.

However, during a candid interview on "The MMA Hour," the WWE United States Champion seemed open to extending his illustrious 34-year wrestling career, given his body's resilience and continuing fan engagement. "As someone who has adapted my style over the decades, I'm proud that I can still engage audiences with awe-inspiring maneuvers," Mysterio elaborated.

"While people tell me I don't have to keep doing certain high-risk moves, like sliding under the ropes, it's part of what makes Rey Mysterio special. I feed off the crowd's energy, and that’s what has kept me going."

New Feud Brewing

Currently at the forefront of the WWE landscape, Mysterio appears to be gearing up for a new feud with internet sensation Logan Paul.

Despite the glaring age gap between him and many of his current opponents, fellow WWE superstar Natalya commended Mysterio for delivering some of the most remarkable performances of his career. "Rey’s work today sets the bar high for the rest of us.

His charisma and skill motivate everyone in the locker room," Natalya said. This reconsideration of retirement timing comes at a point in Mysterio's career where he remains a top draw and influential figure in professional wrestling.

His enduring popularity and skill level have led to speculation that Mysterio might even outlast his previously self-imposed retirement deadline, especially given his continued championship reigns and main-event billing. Rey Mysterio's plans for retirement remain fluid.

But what is clear is that the high-flying superstar is not short on opportunities or reasons to keep thrilling fans, whether it’s through his title defenses or captivating new storylines. As Mysterio approaches his 50th birthday, he's proving that age is merely a number when it comes to delivering blockbuster performances inside the squared circle.

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