Billy Corgan Discusses Avoiding WWE 'Cheap Heat' Promos


Billy Corgan Discusses Avoiding WWE 'Cheap Heat' Promos
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Billy Corgan, the renowned frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins and current president of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), has recently shared his perspective on the current state of professional wrestling, particularly emphasizing his stance on avoiding public jabs at WWE.

In a candid conversation on the Kurt Angle Show podcast, Corgan delved into the importance of cultivating a younger audience for the sport and maintaining a harmonious relationship with WWE. Earlier this week, unconfirmed reports surfaced about a potential deal between NWA and the CW Network, aiming to broadcast two of the brand's prime shows: NWA Powerrr and an exclusive behind-the-scenes series featuring Corgan and his roster.

Although an official announcement is still pending, insiders believe confirmation is imminent.

Revitalizing Wrestling for Youth

Addressing the broader landscape of professional wrestling, Corgan highlighted the necessity of re-engaging younger audiences, an aspect he believes has waned over the past decade.

"The wrestling community can debate and deliberate internally, but the reality is we've lost more viewers in the last ten years than in the half-century before that," he stated, underscoring the urgency for revitalization.

"We need to bring wrestling back into the mainstream, making it accessible and enjoyable for children, ensuring the magical allure of the sport remains intact." Corgan praised WWE for its pivotal role in the wrestling ecosystem, expressing gratitude for their supportive and respectful treatment of NWA.

He stressed the importance of mutual growth within the industry, highlighting the success of other wrestling entities like Al Snow's OVW and the 'Wrestlers' series on Netflix. Dismissing the trend of "cheap heat" promos targeted at WWE, Corgan explained, "We're running our business with integrity, aware of our status as the Little Engine That Could in this industry.

Attacking WWE for the sake of clickbait isn’t our style. We’re here to uplift the sport, work harmoniously, and focus on our growth and contribution to wrestling." With these strategic moves and a clear vision, Corgan is positioning NWA for a significant impact on the wrestling world, ensuring the legacy and enchantment of the sport continue to captivate audiences of all ages.

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