Lacey Evans Reveals Salary Sacrifice to Sign with WWE


Lacey Evans Reveals Salary Sacrifice to Sign with WWE
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In a surprising revelation, Lacey Evans, the former top contender for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, disclosed that she took a pay cut to join WWE's developmental brand in 2016. Evans, who parted ways with WWE this past August after a seven-year stint, shared these insights during a recent episode of the Power Alphas podcast, hosted by fellow WWE stars Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli.

The multi-talented Evans, who recently launched her own exclusive content website, had an already flourishing career in the army and a lucrative property portfolio before entering the wrestling business. "Before WWE, I was already set.

I had multiple properties, 18 acres of land, a strong military career, and I was running a construction company," she explained. "But what I didn't have was a platform where I could make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, especially those facing hardships."

Evans Revealed

Elaborating on her decision to join WWE, Evans revealed, “I took the financial hit to be a part of WWE because I saw the potential for a larger platform to help people.

It wasn't about holding a title or becoming a champion; it was about using my unique journey to inspire and uplift others. I’m an alpha, and I want to use my story to help people navigate through tough situations”.

Evans stressed that her core motivation for joining WWE was to harness the company's vast reach to make a difference. "Titles and championships are milestones, but what truly defines success for me is the ability to influence lives positively.

If WWE couldn't see me as the top talent and offer me that platform, it made no sense for me to stay." This candid conversation sheds new light on the ambitions and driving forces behind one of WWE's most talked-about personalities.

As she moves forward with her post-WWE ventures, it's clear that Evans' focus remains on leveraging her influence for a greater cause, exemplifying the true spirit of an 'alpha.'

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