Bianca Belair Shares Initial Reactions Upon WWE Signing

From track star to wrestling sensation, Belair opens up.

by Noman Rasool
Bianca Belair Shares Initial Reactions Upon WWE Signing
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Former WWE Women’s Champion Bianca Belair has had an illustrious journey to the top of professional wrestling, a journey recently detailed in a candid interview on the talk show, "Baby, This Is Keke Palmer." Belair, a Knoxville, Tennessee native, first gained athletic acclaim as an All-SEC and All-American track and field standout at the University of Knoxville.

After a stint in CrossFit, Belair's magnetic personality caught the attention of WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, paving the way for her transformative wrestling career. Before entering the WWE universe, Belair dazzled CrossFit audiences not only with her athletic prowess but also with her flair for showmanship.

“I started designing my own outfits and engaging the crowd with impromptu promos and acrobatics," she recalled. It was this unique blend of athleticism and charisma that captured Mark Henry’s attention. Henry reached out to Belair, stating, “You have the looks, the personality, and the athleticism; WWE would be a perfect fit for you."

Belair WWE Awakening

Belair admits that her knowledge of WWE was initially limited, cultivated mainly through watching "Total Divas." “When I first signed in 2016, I was utterly unprepared for the complexities of the wrestling world,” she said.

“I didn't know a wristlock from a headlock, let alone understand the intricate history of the industry. It's not just about executing moves; you also have to captivate audiences, narrate compelling stories, and navigate live TV”.

Returning to WWE SmackDown this past Friday after a nearly three-month hiatus, Belair is set to lock horns with the faction Damage CTRL. She had previously been sidelined following an attack by the group, which occurred right after her WWE Women's Championship victory at SummerSlam.

This attack provided an opening for IYO SKY to cash in her Money In The Bank contract, claiming the title for the first time. Belair's recent interview provides not only an insightful look into her unique journey to WWE but also foreshadows exciting storylines for her return.

Fans and industry insiders alike will be watching closely as Belair re-enters the WWE arena, eager to reclaim her championship glory.

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