Nia Jax: WWE Release Was a Blessing in Disguise

Nia Jax opens up about life beyond the ring.

by Noman Rasool
Nia Jax: WWE Release Was a Blessing in Disguise
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In a recent revelation on WWE's "After The Bell" podcast, wrestling sensation Nia Jax opened up about the unexpected silver lining she found following her startling release from WWE in November 2021. Initially shocked by her departure, Jax stated that the experience turned out to be "one of the best things" to have happened to her, offering a unique opportunity for personal rediscovery and growth.

Jax candidly shared, "It was jolting at first, but the hiatus allowed me to do a deep dive into self-exploration. When you're embedded in the WWE universe, it's easy to lose yourself. It's like living in a bubble, a vortex that can be intoxicating but blinding.

You have tunnel vision. My release served as a wake-up call and granted me the chance to reevaluate my priorities and true ambitions."

Jax New Ventures

Besides the psychological and emotional insights gained during her time away, Jax also took some literal steps towards diversifying her portfolio.

She acquired a sizable chunk of farmland, totaling 40 acres, and dived headfirst into animal husbandry. Not one to do things by halves, Jax now proudly owns a llama, a goat, a pig, and a brood of 30 to 40 chickens. With plans for the installation of proper fencing, she aims to add dairy cows to her growing menagerie.

Moreover, she disclosed plans to transform a portion of her farmland into a sanctuary for rescue dogs, underscoring her broadening interests. Last month, Jax made her highly anticipated return to the WWE arena. Inserting herself into the WWE Women’s World Championship fray between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez on "WWE Raw," she seized an opportunity that has led to a spot in the upcoming fatal five-way title match at WWE Crown Jewel.

Her return has reignited fan excitement and sets the stage for what could be a triumphant second chapter in her WWE career. Whether she clinches the championship or not, it's clear that Nia Jax's time away has been transformative, both inside and outside the ring.

With her recent revelations and upcoming match, Jax remains a focal point of WWE chatter, ensuring that her hiatus serves as more than just a footnote, but rather a pivotal moment in her evolving narrative.

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