Ryback on Pay Decrease in the WWE

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Ryback on Pay Decrease in the WWE

A few WWE wrestlers rely on bonuses and merchandize sales to keep themselves financially stable. Even though the WWE is a big company, there are many reasons why wrestlers want to make the most amount of money that they can in a short time.

Wrestlers know that one badly performed move can put them in the hospital. In worst situations, their careers may end in an instant. That is why, most wrestlers that are smart also open up a business that they can rely on to make sure that they can earn something even after retiring or leaving the WWE.

Ryback is currently an indie wrestler, but he was at one time one of the most popular WWE wrestlers in the roster. He left the company in 2017, and his exit was not pleasant. On his podcast, he recently spoke about how the WWE network has been bad for the wrestlers.

He stated that the wrestlers do not make as much money as they used to make. "My first WrestleMania against Mark Henry I was paid $70-$74 thousand range, which by far was my highest payday for a single wrestling match," Ryback said.

"I just remember I was in the main event right off the bat and my paydays were, what I considered anyway, to be great. But, I had nothing to compare it to. The next year in the tag with RybAxel (first WrestleMania on the network) I believe I made $35 thousand, it was my lowest pay-per-view pay of the year and I was never told why."