Lacey Evans Reveals Close Calls with Real Fights Behind WWE Scenes


Lacey Evans Reveals Close Calls with Real Fights Behind WWE Scenes
Lacey Evans Reveals Close Calls with Real Fights Behind WWE Scenes © WWE/YouTube

In a recent candid discussion on the Power Alphas podcast, former WWE superstar Lacey Evans opened up about her tumultuous backstage environment during her tenure with the organization. Evans, released from WWE in August of this year, spoke with fellow former WWE personalities Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli, shedding light on her nearly physical confrontations with colleagues.

"Success, for me, has never been about pleasing everyone. I've always spoken my mind, even backstage. There were numerous instances where I came close to engaging in physical altercations because of the way I felt I was being treated," Evans shared.

"My commitment to the company was to deliver excellent performances in the ring. Beyond that, I would never tolerate being spoken to in a demeaning manner simply because someone felt they had leverage over me."

Evans' Financial Savvy

Evans continued to highlight her resilience and commitment to her self-respect.

"Luckily, the decision-makers in WWE valued me enough to keep me on for seven years. During my time there, I was diligent about securing my future. I've invested wisely, diversifying my portfolio with real estate and other ventures.

My financial stability has never been better." Interestingly, Evans also mentioned that she was the one who asked for her release from WWE. "I've had a fruitful run with WWE, and I'm grateful for the opportunities it presented.

However, I decided to request my release. There's a limit to the compromises one should make, and I was not willing to cross certain boundaries just for career advancement," she said. Furthermore, she dismissed the notion that one must "rub elbows" or engage in flattery to climb the WWE corporate ladder.

"If you think you have to pander or 'schmooze' to get opportunities in WWE, then you're in it for the wrong reasons. My work ethic spoke for itself, which I'll always stand by," concluded Evans. This revealing discussion adds another layer to the complex dynamics within professional wrestling organizations like WWE.

It will no doubt spark conversations about workplace behaviour and even high-profile athletes' challenges behind the scenes.

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