WWE Star Throws Shade at Taylor Swift Again


WWE Star Throws Shade at Taylor Swift Again
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In a riveting development that has taken the WWE universe by storm, the Australian sensation Grayson Waller has found himself at the center of an unexpected controversy, stemming from a candid moment on a recent episode of "The Bump." The matter in question revolves around Waller's candid remarks on Taylor Swift's connection with Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce, during which he boldly rated the pop superstar as a "6." This statement has since ignited a firestorm among Swift's fiercely devoted fanbase, who have wasted no time in voicing their displeasure across various social media platforms.

Despite the mounting pressure and widespread criticism, Waller remains unphased, further fueling the flames during a WWE live event in Laredo, TX, held on October 22nd. In a provocative display of defiance, the WWE star confidently stepped into the ring sporting a Taylor Swift t-shirt, and proceeded to mimic Swift's famed handshake celebration with Brittany Mahomes, alongside his tag team partner, Austin Theory.

Waller's Meteoric Rise

Since ascending to the main roster in May following the Draft, Waller's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. His in-ring debut was momentarily delayed due to an unfortunate injury, but he quickly bounced back, throwing down the gauntlet to some of the biggest names on the WWE roster, and forging a formidable alliance with Theory in August.

Their synergy was on full display during the October 20th episode of SmackDown, where they clinched a decisive victory over Cameron Grimes and Dragon Lee. In a parallel storyline that intertwines with the wrestling world, Taylor Swift was spotted cheering on Travis Kelce, as the Kansas City Chiefs clinched yet another thrilling victory over the Los Angeles Chargers.

The game, marked by an electrifying first half, saw the Chiefs seize a 24-17 lead, with both teams showcasing their offensive prowess at the jam-packed Arrowhead Stadium. The second half of the game saw a deceleration in scoring, but the Chiefs ultimately took control, wrapping up the game with a 31-17 win.

Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes was in stellar form, throwing four touchdowns for a total of 424 yards, while Kelce, Swift's purported connection, amassed 179 yards and a touchdown, further cementing their on-field connection.

In light of these events, the WWE universe and Swifties alike are keenly awaiting the next chapter of this unexpected feud, as Grayson Waller continues to navigate the biggest test of his career thus far.

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