Will Ospreay Issues Bold Challenge to WWE Heavyweight: A Showdown Looms


Will Ospreay Issues Bold Challenge to WWE Heavyweight: A Showdown Looms
Will Ospreay Issues Bold Challenge to WWE Heavyweight: A Showdown Looms © WWE/Youtube

As 2024 kicks off, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculation over the future of Will Ospreay, the current IWGP UK Champion and former IWGP World Champion. Widely touted as one of the most gifted athletes in pro wrestling today, Ospreay's contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) is slated to expire in February, making him one of the most highly sought-after free agents in the industry.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has frequently highlighted Ospreay's in-ring prowess, rating more of his matches at five stars and above than any other wrestler to date. Notably, Ospreay is just 30 years old, an age where many wrestlers find their stride and deliver peak performances.

Ospreay's Rising Dominance

The British sensation has been nothing short of electrifying in recent appearances. At IMPACT Wrestling's Bound for Glory PPV in Chicago, Ospreay clinched a stellar win over Mike Bailey. He also squared off against former IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander in a match slated for television broadcast.

His resume includes major victories in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as well, including triumphs over Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. In an exclusive interview with Metro, Ospreay opened up about his future, indicating he's open to a move stateside to join either WWE, AEW, or other promotions.

"I'm honored to be considered by many as the best," Ospreay remarked. "When wrestling legends like Edge or Bryan Danielson enter AEW, fans dream up matches with me. That’s a huge compliment." The conversation took an intriguing turn when Ospreay responded to recent comments from WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, who declared himself the "best in the world." Ospreay minced no words in disputing this claim: "Seth says his 100% is the best in the world.

Well, my 50% is the best in the world. If he ever faces me at my 100%, he’d be out of his depth." With Ospreay's contract expiry looming, his comments add another layer of fascination to an already heated wrestling landscape.

Could we see a dream showdown between Ospreay and Rollins soon? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: wherever Ospreay lands next, the wrestling world will be watching closely.

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