20-Time WWE Champion Considering RAW Exit? Backstage Frustration


20-Time WWE Champion Considering RAW Exit? Backstage Frustration
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The most recent installment of WWE RAW left fans buzzing with anticipation as it featured a series of intense and unexpected developments. Notably, Cody Rhodes rushed to the aid of Jey Uso after the Main Event, where Jey suffered a loss at the hands of Damian Priest, with an assist from Finn Balor.

This unanticipated alliance adds a layer of intrigue to the ongoing storyline. In a backstage segment, tensions flared as Adam Pearce found himself embroiled in a heated confrontation with The Miz. The A-lister vented his frustrations regarding his current booking on WWE RAW during this encounter.

However, this conversation was abruptly interrupted by Rhea Ripley, who arrived to sign the contract for her upcoming Women's World Championship title defense at the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event. Following this incident, The Miz was visibly perturbed, sparking speculations that he might be contemplating a departure from Monday Night RAW in the near future.

Potential Miz SmackDown Move

If The Miz indeed decides to part ways with WWE RAW, it could open the door for Nick Aldis to recruit the accomplished superstar to SmackDown. With an impressive track record that includes two WWE Championship reigns, eight Intercontinental Championship victories, two United States Championship wins, and a total of eight Tag Team Championships, The Miz has amassed an astounding 20 overall championships in WWE.

Such a move could set the stage for a dramatic showdown between Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis at Survivor Series 2023, further elevating the stakes in the ongoing rivalry. Meanwhile, another captivating moment unfolded when Rhea Ripley crossed paths with Seth Rollins.

Ripley, known as The Eradicator, proposed that Rollins join The Judgment Day faction, underlining that Damian Priest would target Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Title rather than Seth's World Heavyweight Championship.

Despite the tempting offer, Rollins firmly declined, asserting his loyalty to the RAW faction. Later in the evening, Ripley's involvement proved instrumental in Drew McIntyre's victory over Sami Zayn, leading to a fiery confrontation between Rollins and McIntyre.

Rollins claimed that he had already aligned himself with the RAW faction, countering McIntyre's accusations. With tensions running high and the stage set for Crown Jewel, The Judgment Day's role in the world title match promises to be a pivotal element in the upcoming showdown.

As WWE RAW continues to deliver unexpected twists and compelling narratives, fans eagerly await the resolution of these storylines at Crown Jewel and beyond. The landscape of WWE is ever-evolving, and these recent developments only serve to heighten the excitement for what's to come in the world of professional wrestling.