Matt Riddle Criticizes Goldberg’s Ring Ability in 2017 Recap

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Matt Riddle Criticizes Goldberg’s Ring Ability in 2017 Recap

Over the years, many fans and professional wrestlers have criticized Goldberg. He was WCW’s biggest star at one time, but most people knew that he had a very limited move-set. He couldn’t wrestle for a very long period of time, and usually squashed people in the WCW.

In the WWE, he was forced to wrestle for longer durations and sometimes got exposed. He also botched moves, including ending Bret Hart’s career. Matt Riddle in 2017 criticized Goldberg’s in-ring ability. interviewed him and this is what he said.

"Bill Goldberg can't wrestle. That's it. He knows it," Riddle said. "The fact that the guy is very bold and claims he does MMA training and I know that's bulls--t. I saw him throw a knee on Rusev his first night back on Raw and he almost broke his hip when he fell on his back and they had him spear him and jackhammer him quick.

His work in the ring — people always go it's Goldberg, he can have a one minute match or whatever. Yeah, it's one minute because he can't work more than one minute. If he works more than one minute, it could Botchamania, you know?” It is true that Goldberg can’t really wrestle well.

He has botches moves in the past, and has injured wrestlers, but he isn’t as bad as some people label him, according to a few wrestling people.