WWE Reportedly Gearing Up to Extend Contract Offer to Will Ospreay

Wrestling's rising star has WWE's full attention.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Reportedly Gearing Up to Extend Contract Offer to Will Ospreay
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In a rapidly evolving landscape of professional wrestling, few developments have garnered as much attention as the impending free agency of "Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay. Initially dropping the bombshell of his contract's expiration during an AEW broadcast in August, Ospreay has become a crazy commodity in the wrestling universe.

Further stoking industry interest, Ospreay retained the services of seasoned agent Barry Bloom, a move promptly communicated to both WWE and AEW. Highly reliable sources within WWE have confirmed the organization's keen interest in acquiring Ospreay's unique skill set.

While no formal offer has been extended, insiders suggest that the situation is fluid, advising a "wait-and-see" approach over the coming weeks.

WWE Eyes Ospreay

The clock is ticking, as Ospreay's contractual obligations are set to conclude in February 2023.

Meanwhile, the agile performer continues to make waves in AEW and Impact Wrestling circuits, consistently earning high praise for his performances. WWE is closely monitoring these developments, recognizing Ospreay's potential to become a cornerstone talent for their roster.

Barry Bloom, known for brokering some of the most lucrative deals in professional wrestling, adds an extra layer of gravitas to Ospreay's negotiation power. With the proven track record of sealing high-profile contracts, Bloom's involvement indicates that Ospreay is not merely looking for a new stage to perform on but a deal that reflects his rising stock in the wrestling world.

While speculation abounds, the future is undeniably bright for Will Ospreay. As both significant wrestling promotions jockey for positions to secure one of the industry's most exciting talents, one thing is sure: wherever Ospreay lands, a substantial financial commitment will likely accompany him.

With the clock winding down in 2023, the professional wrestling community is eager to find out where this high-flying superstar will take his talents next. But for now, we can only watch and speculate, assured that big moves are on the horizon for Will Ospreay.

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