Kevin Nash Returns to WWE NXT for Showdown with AEW Dynamite


Kevin Nash Returns to WWE NXT for Showdown with AEW Dynamite
Kevin Nash Returns to WWE NXT for Showdown with AEW Dynamite © WWE/YouTube

In a captivating episode of the ongoing battle for ratings supremacy, WWE NXT triumphantly stood tall against AEW Dynamite, securing a decisive victory in viewer numbers. Wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer, Kevin Nash, weighed in on this intense competition during his latest "Kliq This" podcast, articulating his views with passion and insight.

Nash did not mince words as he dissected the events of that fateful night, stating unequivocally that NXT had outperformed their rivals with flying colors. "When it comes to competition, it's pretty straightforward. You play, you win or you lose.

And in this instance, AEW didn't just lose; they were decisively beaten," he expressed with fervor. He went on to highlight the undeniable impact of The Undertaker's return, asserting that despite the brief duration of his appearance alongside Bron Breakker, it was a game-changing moment.

"Your roster is your arsenal, and how you choose to deploy it can make all the difference," Nash continued, emphasizing the strategic nature of the wrestling business. He praised WWE's tactical maneuvering, acknowledging that regardless of payment schedules or contractual details, the utilization of talent is paramount.

Tuesday Night Showdown

The particular Tuesday night in question, October 10th, saw a shift in AEW Dynamite's usual programming schedule, as it made way for MLB playoffs coverage on TBS. This alteration brought it face-to-face with WWE NXT, leading to a ratings clash of epic proportions.

WWE NXT emerged victorious, boasting a viewership of 921,000, a clear testament to its compelling content and star-studded lineup featuring The Undertaker, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and the much-anticipated return of Asuka to the NXT ring.

AEW Dynamite, despite showcasing a remarkable card that included Adam Copeland's in-ring debut and a historic AEW Women's title change with Hikaru Shida becoming a three-time champion, drew in a total of 609,000 viewers.

This intense ratings war has undoubtedly captivated the wrestling world, sparking debates and discussions across various platforms. With each company pulling out all the stops, it's a thrilling time for wrestling fans worldwide, and as this particular chapter closes, all eyes are keenly focused on what the future holds for WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite.

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