Ex-WWE Attitude Era Veteran Joins AEW as Producer and Coach


Ex-WWE Attitude Era Veteran Joins AEW as Producer and Coach
Ex-WWE Attitude Era Veteran Joins AEW as Producer and Coach © WWE/YouTube

In a revealing conversation with the "Wrestling With Johners Podcast," Scott Garland, widely recognized by his ring name, Scotty 2 Hotty, divulged that he has seamlessly transitioned into a pivotal role at All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as both a producer and coach.

This announcement follows previous speculations in July, which suggested Garland was under evaluation during a multi-week tryout at Tony Khan's burgeoning promotion. Post this evaluative phase, he secured his position in the backstage milieu.

Garland candidly shared, “I don't think it's particularly under wraps that I’ve been lending my expertise behind the scenes at AEW. My role as a producer and coach has been incredibly fulfilling, and it seems that as we usher in the new year, my involvement is set to intensify.

While this new chapter is exhilarating, it is accompanied by a tinge of nostalgia, as I’ve found unparalleled joy in participating in various tours”.

Garland's Wrestling Journey

Garland's association with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is well-documented, with his tenure as a producer and trainer for the NXT brand spanning from 2016 to 2021.

At the WWE Performance Center, he played an instrumental role in molding the next generation of wrestling talents. Post his release in 2021, Garland revitalized his in-ring career, gracing promotions such as GCW, OVW, and an assortment of independent circuits across the United Kingdom and Canada.

His 18-month odyssey in the indie wrestling scene culminated at DREAMWAVE in June, setting the stage for his AEW adventure. In its quest to refine and expand its backstage operations, AEW has welcomed an array of seasoned veterans into the fold as road agents, including the likes of Dean Malenko, Jerry Lynn, Pat Buck, BJ Whitmer, Chris Hero, Ari Daivari, and Sonjay Dutt.

Recent industry insights hint at AEW's strategic move to emulate WWE’s model, which entails assigning each agent to a single match per show, ensuring a laser-focused approach and superior match quality across its three weekly broadcasts.

With this addition of Garland, AEW underscores its commitment to excellence, leveraging the wealth of experience and insights that former wrestlers bring to the table.