Will Ospreay WWE Future: An In-Depth Speculation


Will Ospreay WWE Future: An In-Depth Speculation
Will Ospreay WWE Future: An In-Depth Speculation © Will Pruet/YouTube

In an intriguing turn of events, Will Ospreay, the phenomenal wrestler hailing from the United Kingdom, has candidly expressed his openness to exploring new opportunities in the realm of professional wrestling. During a recent insightful conversation on the "Wrestling Observer Radio" show, the esteemed veteran wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, shed light on the current scenario surrounding the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.

With a tone of certainty, Meltzer revealed, “There are developments unfolding behind the scenes. WWE has expressed a strong interest in Ospreay, and he, in turn, is seriously considering what they have on the table. At this juncture, he’s meticulously evaluating his options, aiming to secure the most lucrative deal possible”.

Will Ospreay's Driving Forces

Elaborating on Ospreay’s motivations, Meltzer explained, “Here’s a man with familial responsibilities, a vision for his child’s education, and aspirations for financial stability.

He has had a successful run with New Japan and has made a name for himself on the indie circuit, but the prospect of joining a global powerhouse like WWE or AEW presents an undeniable financial upside”. Earlier in the month, Meltzer speculated about Ospreay’s potential reservations regarding a full-time commitment to WWE, primarily due to his strong ties to the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, it now seems that Ospreay is more receptive to the idea of engaging in substantive talks with the Stamford, Connecticut-based wrestling promotion. As it stands, Ospreay’s contractual obligations with New Japan Pro-Wrestling extend until February 2024.

Despite this, he recently made waves in the United States during the IMPACT! Wrestling Bound for Glory 2023 event. In a spectacular showdown, the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion triumphed over "Speedball" Mike Bailey, further cementing his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling world.

This development has undoubtedly sent waves through the wrestling community, as fans and pundits alike eagerly await to see which path Ospreay will choose to tread. Will he take the plunge and join the illustrious ranks of WWE, or will he continue to blaze his trail independently? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the world of professional wrestling is on the edge of its seat, anticipating Ospreay’s next move.

Will Ospreay

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