30-lb WWE Giant Chooses Maxxine Dupri as His New Ringside Force


30-lb WWE Giant Chooses Maxxine Dupri as His New Ringside Force
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Maxxine Dupri, WWE RAW's rising star, has recently found herself at a career crossroads as she navigates the intricate world of wrestling alliances and loyalties. Dupri, initially making waves alongside Chad Gable and Otis of The Alpha Academy, now faces a pivotal decision as a former champion reaches out, seeking her managerial expertise.

Chad Gable's journey in singles competition hit a roadblock earlier this year following a tough loss to Gunther, who subsequently solidified his legacy as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of the modern era.

Gable's misfortune continued with another crushing defeat at the hands of Bronson Reed, prompting his return to tag team action. Reed, on a winning streak, effortlessly accepted and conquered Tozawa's challenge in a singles match just last night, with Dupri right there in his corner.

Today, he issued a public call to Dupri via social media, urging her to join his side after successfully toppling all three members of The Alpha Academy. His message was succinct yet powerful: "Gable ❌ Otis ❌ Tozawa ❌...

you might as well be in my corner @maxxinedupri #WWERAW."

Despite his victories over Gable, Otis, and Tozawa, Reed's attempt to dethrone Gunther for the title proved unsuccessful, adding a complex layer to this unfolding narrative.

Maxxine's Meteoric Rise

Meanwhile, Maxxine Dupri's journey in WWE RAW has been nothing short of a whirlwind. Last year, she parted ways with Von Wagner and Robert Stone on the developmental brand, reinventing herself as Maxxine Dupri and stepping into the spotlight of WWE's main roster.

She initially aligned with the Maximum Male Models on Friday Night SmackDown before a dramatic shift saw her join forces with The Alpha Academy on Monday Night RAW post-WWE Draft. Despite her efforts, Dupri was unable to lure Otis into the glamorous world of the Maximum Male Models.

She eventually parted ways with the stable, dedicating herself to honing her in-ring skills as a student at the Alpha Academy. Her time with The Viking Raiders and Valhalla saw a series of intense showdowns, with victories going back and forth in both singles and tag team bouts.

Yet, Dupri has managed to maintain an undefeated streak, clinching wins in a singles match against Valhalla and a mixed tag team match alongside The Alpha Academy. As this complex saga unfolds, the wrestling world watches with bated breath, eager to see where Maxxine Dupri's loyalties will ultimately lie.

Will she heed Reed's call and switch allegiances, or will she remain steadfast with The Alpha Academy? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Maxxine Dupri is a force to be reckoned with in the WWE universe.

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