The Undertaker Crushes AEW in Ratings, WWE Triumphs!

Kevin Nash Unpacks AEW's Recent Setback with Candor.

by Atia Mukhtar
The Undertaker Crushes AEW in Ratings, WWE Triumphs!
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On the momentous date of October 10, 2023, the wrestling world bore witness to a ratings showdown of epic proportions, as WWE NXT bravely faced off against AEW Dynamite. In an extraordinary display of competitive spirit, both wrestling giants pulled out all the stops, each aiming to seize victory in the highly coveted ratings war.

Shawn Michaels, utilizing his considerable experience and insight, ingeniously incorporated main roster superstars to captivate and draw in a larger fan base. Meanwhile, AEW's Tony Khan generated significant buzz, captivating the audience's attention with his strategic and well-timed tweets, which arguably garnered more interest than the matches themselves.

In the end, it was NXT that emerged victorious in the Tuesday Night War, outshining its competitor with undeniable star power and charisma.

Nash Speaks Out

Former WWE Superstar Kevin Nash, lending his voice to the conversation on his podcast Kliq This, did not mince words as he addressed AEW's loss.

"Number one, you play a baseball game, you get beat by seven runs, you got beat," Nash eloquently stated. "There wasn't a — there was no call that could have gone either way, no ball hit the upright, they [AEW] got smoked." Highlighting the importance of roster utilization, Nash urged Tony Khan to leverage his existing talent more effectively.

"Everybody is on some kind of downside here, everybody's getting paid either weekly or biweekly, that's your roster. If you want to move those pieces around any way you want to, that's just what you can do," Nash remarked, providing invaluable insight into the dynamics of wrestling roster management.

By the close of the evening, the viewership numbers spoke volumes: Dynamite attracted an average viewership of 609,000, while NXT dominated with an impressive 921,000 viewers, unequivocally declaring its victory in the ratings war.

As the wrestling community continues to buzz with excitement and speculation, attention now turns to 'The Icon' Sting, following his announcement of impending retirement at the Revolution 2024 pay-per-view event. Having joined AEW in 2021, the 64-year-old veteran has consistently delivered stellar performances, captivating wrestling fans around the globe.

The wrestling world now eagerly awaits to see what special acknowledgment or parting gift Tony Khan and AEW might have in store for this legendary performer.

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