Ex-WWE Star, 39, Shares Emotional 'Miss You' Tweet for Charlotte

Exploring past rivalries, Nikki Bella shares a heartfelt message.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star, 39, Shares Emotional 'Miss You' Tweet for Charlotte
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In a moment of nostalgia and heartfelt expression, former WWE superstar Nikki Bella took to Twitter to share her deep sentiments and longing for her former in-ring rival, Charlotte Flair. The two formidable women wrestlers have a history of intense matchups, creating memorable moments in WWE history.

Their fierce rivalry was spotlighted at WWE’s Hell in a Cell 2015, where Bella and Flair went head-to-head in a singles match contending for the Divas Championship. It was a bout that showcased their exceptional wrestling skills and undeniable charisma, ultimately seeing Flair emerge victorious.

Bella, reflecting on this pivotal moment, recently conveyed her feelings in a tweet, stating, "Loved this match so much 🥰 never would have known my neck inside was dangling!! Miss you @MsCharlotteWWE!!! So much!!! N." The tweet not only expresses Bella's admiration for the match but also reveals her unseen struggle during the fight and her deep affection for Flair.

Charlotte Flair's Dual Persona

Charlotte Flair, a central figure in WWE’s women’s division, has continually captured the audience's attention with her polarizing character.

She has gracefully navigated through the waves of admiration and criticism that have come her way over her career. In a candid conversation with PEOPLE, Flair opened up about the duality of her in-ring persona and real-life identity.

She emphasized the strength and resilience of her character, acknowledging how it served as an inspiration in her personal journey. Flair's legacy in the wrestling world is indisputable. With multiple championship victories, including six RAW Women's Championships and seven SmackDown Women's Championships, alongside two NXT Women's Titles, she has solidified her place as one of the greatest female wrestlers.

As Nikki Bella finds herself on a similar trajectory, having left an indelible mark in WWE, the two share more than just a history in the ring – they share a mutual respect and admiration that transcends their in-ring rivalry.

This emotionally charged tweet from Nikki Bella serves as a testament to the lasting impact of their epic encounters and the deep bonds formed in the heat of battle, showcasing the complex and human side of these larger-than-life characters.

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