Lacey Evans Reflects on Her 7-Year WWE Journey: 'Can't Believe I Made It!

Lacey Evans Opens Up About Her WWE Journey and Departure

by Noman Rasool
Lacey Evans Reflects on Her 7-Year WWE Journey: 'Can't Believe I Made It!
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Former WWE Superstar Lacey Evans, now known by her real name Macey Estrella-Kaldec, made headlines earlier this year when she parted ways with WWE. In a recent appearance on the "Power Alphas Podcast," she opened up about her time in the wrestling world and her unapologetic approach to success.

Evans, a former military veteran, didn't mince words when discussing her departure from WWE. She attributed her controversial reputation backstage to her unwavering pursuit of success. "You can't cancel me at this point," Evans boldly proclaimed on the podcast.

"I don't give a damn." She admitted that her seven-year stint in WWE was marked by numerous clashes due to her outspoken nature, but she credited her resilience and the favor of the higher-ups for her continued presence in the company.

Financially, WWE provided Evans with opportunities to diversify her investments, particularly in real estate. She openly acknowledged her "addiction" to monetary success, emphasizing her self-perceived alpha personality. She chastised individuals who waited their turn or failed to assert themselves in the competitive wrestling world.

Lacey's WWE Impact

Despite her financial independence, thanks in part to her 18-acre property and military career, Evans acknowledged the unique platform WWE offered her. She maintained that winning championships held little significance to her compared to making a meaningful impact in the industry.

"Can I at least make a damn difference while I'm here?" Evans passionately asked, lamenting what she viewed as a lack of support from WWE for charitable initiatives related to military veterans. Evans didn't shy away from discussing her personal struggles, including trauma, mental health challenges, and a difficult upbringing with parents battling addiction.

She revealed that WWE didn't perceive these topics as lucrative for their programming. In her candid interview, Lacey Evans shed light on the complexities of her WWE journey. Her unapologetic attitude and commitment to success, both in and out of the ring, are elements that define her unique persona.

While her time in WWE may have ended, her determination to make a lasting impact in the world remains unwavering. This interview with Macey Estrella-Kaldec provides valuable insights into the inner workings of the wrestling industry and the challenges faced by those who strive to be unapologetically themselves.

It's a reminder that success in the world of professional wrestling often requires not just physical prowess but also a resilient spirit and a willingness to speak one's truth, no matter the consequences.

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