Chelsea Green Celebrates WWE Milestone with Bold Topless Photo


Chelsea Green Celebrates WWE Milestone with Bold Topless Photo
© Chelsea Green/Twitter

Chelsea Green, one of the dynamic figures in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions roster, is basking in the glory of her achievement, and she is not holding back in expressing her joy and pride. On the historic night of July 17, 2023, Chelsea Green, alongside Sonya Deville, snatched the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship title from the formidable duo of Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan, creating a spectacle on Monday Night Raw that left the audience in awe.

Their victory, however, was short-lived as an unforeseen injury forced Deville to take a step back, leaving Green in a challenging position. Determined to keep the momentum going, Green vowed to find a new partner to defend the championship with her.

Her search was unexpectedly cut short when Piper Niven made a bold decision to join forces with her, ensuring the championship title stayed within their grasp. Together, they have forged a formidable team, and while they are yet to defend their title, they have already proven their worth with a stunning victory over Natalya and Nikki Cross in Dallas during an episode of Raw.

Cross’s unexpected passivity during the match and her eventual walkout on her partner only served to underline the dominance of Green and Niven, turning the tide in their favor and setting the stage for a unique handicap bout.

Celebrating in Style: Chelsea Bold Move

Chelsea Green, always keen to connect with her fans and celebrate her achievements, took to social media to mark her 99th day as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, sharing a bold and celebratory topless photo.

Her confidence and pride in her accomplishments shine through, as she revels in the glory of her reigning status.

The question on everyone’s mind now is, will Chelsea Green and Piper Niven successfully defend their title? The moment of truth is fast approaching, as they are scheduled to face off against Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail on the second night of NXT Halloween Havoc.

The stakes are high, the tension is palpable, and the WWE Universe is waiting with bated breath to see if Green and Niven can rise to the occasion and protect their championship title.

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