Five-Time World Champ to Challenge Damian Priest at WWE Crown Jewel?

Tensions rise as alliances waver in the WWE Universe.

by Atia Mukhtar
Five-Time World Champ to Challenge Damian Priest at WWE Crown Jewel?
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In an intriguing twist within the WWE Universe, The Judgment Day faction appears to be extending its reach, making moves to recruit more high-profile talent to its ranks. Previously, the group had set their sights on Jey Uso and potentially Drew McIntyre, but this week's edition of RAW brought yet another surprise—Seth Rollins was offered an alliance by Rhea Ripley, one of The Judgment Day's key members.

According to Ripley, with Rollins on board, Damian Priest would be well-positioned to cash in his Money in the Bank contract against Roman Reigns, all while ensuring Seth's reign remains secure. Though Rollins showed lukewarm interest in the proposition, he didn't dismiss it outright, suggesting that future developments could be afoot.

Adding to the complexity, Rollins indicated doubts about Ripley's faith in Damian Priest's ability to dethrone him.

Priest's Crucial Match

Amidst these shifting alliances, Priest is gearing up to face Cody Rhodes at WWE Crown Jewel.

Given Rhodes is wrestling with an ankle injury, a win against a hobbled opponent might strain Priest's relationship with Ripley even further, potentially paving the way for Rollins to step into his shoes within The Judgment Day faction.

But let's not forget Drew McIntyre. Ripley had approached the Scottish Warrior in a recent episode of RAW, after he thwarted Damian Priest's attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank contract against Rollins. McIntyre's been displaying a nuanced persona lately, and he's set to face Rollins at the forthcoming Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

With Ripley already intervening in McIntyre's match against Sami Zayn, it's clear she's laying groundwork for a significant strategic move. As the WWE Crown Jewel event approaches, speculations are rife and the plot continues to thicken.

Fans are on the edge of their seats, eager to see how these complex storylines unfold. Whether it's Priest, Rollins, or McIntyre, The Judgment Day faction is certainly going to be at the center of major developments. Keep your eyes glued to Crown Jewel to find out what Rhea Ripley and her group have in store.

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