Molly Holly Considers 'One More Match in WWE


Molly Holly Considers 'One More Match in WWE
Molly Holly Considers 'One More Match in WWE © Revelleution/YouTube

WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly appears to have definitively shut the door on her in-ring career, as she clarified in a recent exclusive sit-down with Wrestling Inc. Notably, Holly last stepped into the WWE squared circle during the 2022 Royal Rumble, and she has not been part of a singles contest since as far back as 2005.

Despite fervent fan speculation about a "one more match" scenario, Holly was rather candid about her feelings. "I genuinely don't think there's anything more I could contribute to the industry," she expressed. "My career feels complete, like a well-rounded story with a satisfying ending.

It's not about craving one more grand moment. I've had my share of those." Holly, who now serves as a WWE producer, emphasized her wish to give the next generation of talent their opportunity to shine. She has only made intermittent returns to WWE television, mainly featuring in women's Royal Rumble matches.

Molly Holly Rumble Doubt

The iconic wrestler even hedged her participation in the upcoming 2024 Royal Rumble. "If you don't see me there, it's not a snub to the fans. Know that I'm more than content not to prep for another in-ring beating," she disclosed.

This makes it fairly evident that Molly Holly is stepping back from active competition, focusing more on her role behind the scenes. Beyond the ropes and the spotlight, Molly Holly is actively involved in philanthropy. She's gearing up for the New York City Marathon scheduled for November 5th, where she'll be running on behalf of Connor’s Cure.

This charity is dedicated to Connor Michalek, a young WWE superfan who lost his battle with medulloblastoma at just eight years old. By stepping away from in-ring action but staying engaged with charitable causes, Holly continues to embody the spirit of a true champion. Her absence from the ring may be a disappointment for fans, but her profound impact on and off-screen is irrefutable.

Molly Holly

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