Melina Reveals Canceled 2020 WWE Comeback


Melina Reveals Canceled 2020 WWE Comeback
Melina Reveals Canceled 2020 WWE Comeback © SA Sports WWE/Twitter

In a candid conversation on the popular "Wrestling Shoots Interviews" podcast, former WWE Diva Melina divulged the intricacies of her nearly materialized 2020 comeback to the WWE. Melina, who holds the accolade of being a two-time Divas Champion, opened up about how WWE had extended an offer for her return, only to retract it eventually.

The wrestling superstar revealed her emotional struggle, particularly because the offer came around the time of her father's passing. "I was genuinely considering it, especially because my father had just passed away," she stated.

"He had always encouraged me to make a comeback, so the offer felt like a serendipitous moment to honor his memory. However, when WWE withdrew their offer, it made me reflect on my prior experiences with the organization, questioning if I could endure the roller coaster once more."

Melina's Unfulfilled Minute

Melina's last in-ring appearance for WWE was in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble.

She expressed disappointment over not getting the "full minute" in the ring that she claims was promised to her. Prior to this, her last televised WWE match was on an episode of "Raw" aired on August 1, 2011. Not long after that bout, Melina found herself released from the company on August 5, 2011.

Melina originally joined WWE in April 2005 as part of the faction MNM, alongside John Morrison and Joey Mercury. Her career in WWE spanned over six years before her first departure, and she has remained an enduring icon in the wrestling community.

As one of WWE's most polarizing figures, the news of Melina's near return in 2020 brings forth an array of what-ifs, especially for fans and industry insiders who remember her tenacity, talent, and showmanship. Her candid revelation also opens the door for further speculation about the WWE's recruitment strategies and their handling of talent, both new and returning.

Melina's story is a riveting glance into the tumultuous world of professional wrestling, where offers can appear and disappear like a mirage, leaving even seasoned wrestlers like her to ponder the realities of their celebrated but often complicated careers.