Bully Ray Breaks Down Why WWE Should Reveal 'The Real' LA Knight


Bully Ray Breaks Down Why WWE Should Reveal 'The Real' LA Knight
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In a compelling call to action, WWE legend Bully Ray recently urged WWE's creative minds to dig deeper into the persona of LA Knight, the charismatic leader of the "Yeah Movement." Speaking on the "Busted Open" radio show, Ray emphasized the necessity for Knight to reveal the hidden layers of his character, cautioning that a 'cool guy' facade isn't enough to make a lasting impression on the WWE Universe.

According to Ray, the charm and marketability of LA Knight lie not just in his aesthetic, which comprises timberland boots, designer jeans, and a polished look, but should also delve into his back story and motivations. "WWE fans need to see beyond the tip of the iceberg that is LA Knight.

In contrast, look at Cody Rhodes, who carries his family legacy, fulfilling a storyline that extends to his late father and beyond," Ray pointed out. The former member of the iconic Dudley Boyz tag team went on to argue that Cody Rhodes has succeeded in forging a deeper bond with fans, including young audiences.

"Cody makes you feel like you're a part of the Rhodes family," said Ray. This level of connection is something that Knight has yet to achieve, according to the wrestling veteran.

Knight's Untapped Potential

Having shared a locker room with LA Knight during their time in TNA, Bully Ray asserts that the wrestler formerly known as Eli Drake has more dimensions that should be explored.

"WWE is likely keeping him in a limited role due to their current focus on the Cody Rhodes storyline," Ray observed. He believes that Knight’s breakout moment akin to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's iconic "Austin 3:16" speech won't materialize until Rhodes' narrative arc concludes—possibly signaling a watershed moment at WrestleMania 40.

As both LA Knight and Cody Rhodes gear up for significant matches at the imminent Crown Jewel event—with Knight facing Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, and Rhodes going toe-to-toe with Damian Priest—it's clear that stakes are high.

Yet, Ray insists that WWE must capitalize on Knight's latent potential. "Exiting Survivor Series, you don't want Cody to eclipse everyone else. There’s room for another megastar, and LA Knight has the chops for it," Ray concluded.

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