Nick Aldis Reveals His Approach to Wrestling in WWE: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

New leadership shakes up the WWE SmackDown landscape.

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis Reveals His Approach to Wrestling in WWE: A Behind-the-Scenes Look
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In a pivotal move for WWE, the organization's Chief Content Officer recently announced significant role shifts on the October 13 edition of WWE SmackDown. Adam Pearce received a well-deserved promotion from WWE Official to Raw General Manager.

Simultaneously, veteran pro-wrestler Nick Aldis was named the new SmackDown General Manager. Aldis, who previously functioned as a WWE Producer, has now formalized his association with WWE by signing a contract, adding another milestone to his nearly two-decade-long career in professional wrestling.

Prior to joining WWE, Aldis achieved considerable success, earning titles as a former IMPACT/TNA World Champion and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. In an exclusive interview with Busted Open Radio, Aldis shared invaluable insights into his mindset as he steps into his role as SmackDown GM.

“I'd made up my mind. If WWE ever offered me an opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate," Aldis declared. "Life in wrestling offers you a single chance, and you've got to seize it”. During the candid chat, he also mentioned a recent conversation with Paul Heyman, emphasizing that opportunities come in various forms and sizes.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to contribute in any capacity to WWE," Aldis added. Aldis turns 37 on November 6th, placing him arguably at the peak of his wrestling career. Yet, fans are still anticipating his in-ring WWE debut.

Aldis assures that he is more than prepared for whatever comes his way. “My initial conversations with Paul, Triple H, and Bruce reiterated my enthusiasm. I kept repeating that I’m ready, willing, and able to contribute in any manner to WWE,” he affirmed.

Interestingly, even as SmackDown General Manager, Aldis made a backstage appearance on Raw this past Monday while continuing his dual role as a Producer. With WWE preparing to tape two episodes of this Friday’s SmackDown due to the forthcoming Crown Jewel PLE event in Saudi Arabia on November 4, it's clear that Aldis's flexible skill set is already being put to good use.

This restructuring and Aldis's sentiments echo a broader narrative within WWE, emphasizing adaptability and readiness to seize opportunities, qualities that both Aldis and WWE continue to champion.

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