WWE Icon Speaks on Sting's Farewell: A Blend of Sentiments


WWE Icon Speaks on Sting's Farewell: A Blend of Sentiments
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As the wrestling world anticipates AEW Revolution 2024, a sentimental air hangs over the impending retirement of Sting, a cornerstone of professional wrestling since 1985. Despite the excitement surrounding the legend's "final match," the fickle nature of wrestling retirements—personified by iconic comebacks from Ric Flair, Mick Foley, and Terry Funk—leaves fans with bated breath.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who crossed paths with Sting during their WCW days, recently shared his mixed emotions on the subject on his Hall of Fame podcast. “I have complicated feelings about this," Booker T began.

"On one hand, I’m thrilled that Sting is taking a well-deserved break, especially as he reaches the age of 65, which is typically associated with a slower pace of life."

Identity Crisis

The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion added, "Retirement is a hard pill to swallow for anyone who's spent their life in the business.

You have to understand, when you've been in the ring for decades, walking away is like losing a part of your identity. I won't be surprised if Sting finds it difficult to fully retire and decides to stay involved in some capacity”.

Booker T continued to express his caution towards the term 'retirement' in wrestling. “I wouldn’t put it past him to reconsider. Retirement can be a lonely place. You’re suddenly cut off from the adrenaline, the crowd, and the routine.

I say, stay active, Sting. Keep the door open for future opportunities. Maybe guest appearances, maybe training the next generation. There’s a multitude of ways to stay connected”. Booker T encouraged Sting to stay in the limelight even after hanging up his wrestling boots.

“My advice? Don’t entirely cut ties with AEW. You've got too much to offer, and the light dims quickly when you step back entirely. Tony Khan would surely appreciate your expertise for years to come, whether inside or outside the ring”.

As wrestling aficionados await AEW Revolution 2024 and Sting's swan song, the broader conversation around wrestling retirements becomes more layered. Will Sting truly retire, or will he adapt the way legends before him have? Booker T’s sentiments encapsulate the complexity, suggesting that the spotlight may never fully fade for The Icon.

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