John Cena Concedes He's Not Wrestling Best, Says Veteran Star

As John Cena faces his career's final chapters, he reflects.

by Atia Mukhtar
John Cena Concedes He's Not Wrestling Best, Says Veteran Star
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YouTube sensation and former WWE talent Maven recently stirred up the wrestling community with his comments regarding John Cena's in-ring prowess. Maven, whose YouTube channel has skyrocketed in popularity, stated that while Cena is an undisputed star, he wouldn't categorize him as the "best wrestler." The 46-year-old YouTuber has now doubled down on those comments, further elaborating his viewpoint during a live session.

Maven shared, "Somebody asked me my thoughts on Cena, and I stand by it: Cena was not the best wrestler. Cena himself would likely concede that point. However, what Cena has managed to do in marketing himself is nothing short of incredible.

In ten lifetimes, I couldn't replicate the stardom he has achieved." Maven also praised Cena's philanthropic work with Make-A-Wish Foundation and his burgeoning Hollywood career, stating, "I wish him nothing but the best."

John Cena Career Twilight

John Cena, also 46, has been contemplating the twilight of his own career.

In a recent WWE backstage interview, Cena was candid about his wrestling future: "Every chance I get to go out there is more special. I'm 46, heading to 47, and have been a part of this industry for over two decades. While the last match is not tonight, I know it's soon.

When you're involved full-time, you think only of what's next." Interestingly, Maven's WWE tenure largely overlapped with Cena's meteoric rise within the company. Maven exited WWE shortly after Cena clinched his first WWE Championship, and thus, fans were never treated to a one-on-one showdown between the two.

The discourse around Cena's wrestling ability versus his star power is a topic that often divides fans and industry insiders alike. Maven's comments, polarizing as they may be, contribute to this ongoing conversation. As Cena himself comes to terms with the impending end of his wrestling career, reflections on his impact and skill level seem more pertinent than ever.

With both Maven and Cena at 46 and in transitional phases of their careers, their perspectives offer a fascinating look at the evolving landscape of professional wrestling. It also raises the question: How will Cena's legacy be defined as he approaches the end of his in-ring journey?

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