Dave Meltzer: NXT Offers No Future for WWE Star


Dave Meltzer: NXT Offers No Future for WWE Star
Dave Meltzer: NXT Offers No Future for WWE Star © Inside the Ropes/YouTube

Renowned wrestling analyst Dave Meltzer recently shared his insightful thoughts on the trajectory of Roxanne Perez’s career, expressing a strong opinion that the NXT star’s potential is ripe for the WWE main roster.

Since her impressive debut in April 2022, following a noteworthy performance during a try-out in March, Perez has consistently demonstrated her prowess in the ring, quickly becoming a prominent figure within NXT. Her achievements are far from modest, as she clinched victories in the Women’s Breakout Tournament, NXT Women’s Title, and NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles, all within the same year.

Her latest triumph saw her outclassing Kiana James in a high-stakes Devil’s Playground match at Halloween Havoc, further solidifying her reputation as a formidable competitor. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer passionately argued that Perez has outgrown NXT and is ready to take on new challenges in the WWE main roster.

He underscored the urgency of infusing younger talent into the main roster, a sentiment echoed by WWE’s Nick Khan. At just 21, turning 22 in November, Perez embodies the youthful vigor and readiness that the company seeks.

Perez: Ready and Charismatic

Meltzer emphasized Perez’s exceptional readiness, stating, “She can go with anyone, she’s got charisma. She’s been in NXT long enough. There’s no point in her being in NXT”.

His statement not only highlights Perez’s in-ring capabilities but also draws attention to her magnetic charisma, making a compelling case for her promotion. Meanwhile, Cora Jade, another NXT talent, has been noticeably absent from the ring since July, with no clear indications of her return.

Recently, she took to social media to express her frustration over persistent queries regarding her NXT comeback, candidly admitting her disenchantment with the brand. This narrative adds another layer to the ongoing discussion about talent utilization within NXT and the broader WWE universe.

Meltzer’s commentary serves as a catalyst, urging WWE to reassess and optimize their talent pool, ensuring that rising stars like Roxanne Perez are given the opportunities they deserve on grander stages.

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