Prichard on Relationship with Cornette

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Prichard on Relationship with Cornette

Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard were part of the WWE creative team in the 90s and 2000s. they were very important members, and that is when the WCW was trying to get the WWE out of business. The WCW wasn’t able to beat the WWE, and that is in part due to the creative decisions that these two individuals made for the company.

Jim and Bruce were involved in bookings. They were in Vince McMahon’s ear all the time with their ideas. Bruce and Jim had a falling out with each other during that time. Jim and Prichard didn’t work well backstage and Jim got upset with Prichard according to various stories.

On Bruce’s Something to Wrestle podcast, he spoke about his current relationship with Jim. "Well, Jim Cornette is mad at me for whatever reason and I'm not going to get into it and I refuse to bad mouth Jim in any way, shape or form.

We have been friends for years and friends sometimes have disagreements and misunderstandings and that is all it is," stated Prichard. "I love Jim to death; whether he feels the same or not is Jim's opinion. You are not going to hear me say anything bad about Jim Cornette. I have too much respect for him and I value the time that we had for many years too much."