WWE Uses Piped-In Boos for Dominik Mysterio & Logan Paul on Raw


WWE Uses Piped-In Boos for Dominik Mysterio & Logan Paul on Raw
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In a surprising twist during the October 23 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE opted to augment the live audience's reaction, adding in piped-in boos during a segment featuring Dominik Mysterio and Logan Paul. Despite both stars being prominent heels, known for drawing the ire of WWE fans, the company decided to intensify the atmosphere, ensuring the disdain for the two was unmistakable.

Viewers at home could clearly detect the added sound effects, leading to investigative comments from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful. Taking to Twitter, Sapp critiqued the production choice, suggesting that Mysterio and Paul possess the innate ability to draw genuine reactions from the crowd.

“The piped in boos are really bad tonight. Just rely on Dominik and Logan Paul to get the reactions; they can do it. They're playing the exact same audio repeatedly," Sapp expressed.

Sapp Defends Claims

The commentary from Sean Ross Sapp elicited a varied spectrum of reactions, as a portion of the audience voiced their skepticism regarding his observations on the piped-in boos.

Despite this pushback from some corners of the fandom, Sapp remained unwavering in his assertion. He fortified his position by citing confirmation from internal sources within WWE, addressing a doubtful user directly, “As someone who just asked someone who works there and has ears and can hear the same looped sound....yes.....they are,” he firmly responded, underscoring the credibility of his earlier statements and standing his ground amidst the brewing controversy.

The controversial segment spotlighted Mysterio and Paul as they antagonized ring announcer Samantha Irvin, prompting a heroic intervention from Ricochet. This interaction ties back to a previous storyline involving Paul and Ricochet, culminating in a match at SummerSlam where Ricochet suffered a loss due to Paul's underhanded tactics.

Looking forward, Logan Paul’s trajectory within WWE appears to be on an upward swing. He is currently slated to challenge the legendary Rey Mysterio for the coveted United States Championship at the Crown Jewel event on November 4.

This upcoming bout not only cements Paul's status within the company but also adds another layer of anticipation for fans, as they eagerly await the outcome of this high-stakes confrontation.

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