Prominent Independent Wrestler Considered WWE Deal Earlier This Year - Insider Update


Prominent Independent Wrestler Considered WWE Deal Earlier This Year - Insider Update
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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, few names have carved out a niche for themselves quite like Tama Tonga. For the past 13 years, he has been a beacon of talent outside WWE's limelight, predominantly shining within New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

Back in 2008, Tama did make an attempt to join the WWE roster. However, destiny had different plans. Instead, by 2010, he was sealing his fate with NJPW. While initial days witnessed a gradual rise, there was no looking back once he found his groove.

He became an integral part of the Bullet Club, contributing to its peak popularity phase. The wrestling landscape further shifted when Tevita, also known to fans as Tanga Loa and Tama's sibling, entered the scene. Their alliance was not just familial; it was a professional force to be reckoned with.

As members of the Bullet Club, they crafted memorable moments. But by 2022, Tama sought new horizons, aligning with the Guerrillas of Destiny. Together, the brothers have clinched the IWGP Tag Team Championship seven times. Tama's solo accolades are also noteworthy, boasting three NEVER Openweight titles and four NEVER Openweight 6-man tag team titles.

Tama Tonga's WWE Discussions

A recent exclusive with Fightful Select brought some intriguing revelations to light. Tama disclosed that earlier this year, there were indeed discussions with WWE. The buzz in the wrestling community suggests that the interest wasn't just in Tama; his brother was also on WWE's radar.

Many speculate that with Triple H overseeing talent and creative aspects, he might have been the driving force behind this outreach. However, this remains an unconfirmed piece of the puzzle. But fans hoping for a Tama Tonga WWE debut might have to temper their expectations.

Even though Tama had a brief stint working without a binding contract in NJPW, he has recommitted to the Japanese wrestling giant. This news has undoubtedly stirred conversations among fans and pundits alike. As the wrestling world continues its dynamic shifts and turns, one thing remains certain: Tama Tonga's legacy in NJPW is solidified, and his future, whether in WWE or elsewhere, will be keenly watched by many.