AEW Superstar Poised to End WWE Judgment Day Reign: Shocking Return Imminent?

Exploring the Deeply Entwined Relationships in WWE's Current Saga.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Superstar Poised to End WWE Judgment Day Reign: Shocking Return Imminent?
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In recent developments within the world of professional wrestling, WWE’s powerful faction, Judgment Day, has been dominating the scene, overshadowing the once mighty Bloodline. Amidst this supremacy, Rhea Ripley has emerged as the glue holding the faction together during turbulent times.

However, there is speculation that this reign of terror might be on the brink of collapse with the potential arrival of AEW’s Buddy Murphy to WWE. Buddy Murphy has carved a niche for himself in AEW, demonstrating his prowess and charisma in the ring.

His speculated transition back to WWE could bring about a seismic shift, much to the delight of fans who have grown weary of Judgment Day’s dominance.

Murphy’s Intimate Ties Unraveled

Murphy’s personal life plays a significant role in this potential storyline, as he is romantically involved with Rhea Ripley.

This connection has been a source of on-screen mockery, particularly with Mami’s storyline romance with Dominik Mysterio. The introduction of Murphy into this intricate web of relationships could serve as a catalyst for dramatic on-screen events, possibly leading to Ripley’s departure from Judgment Day and Dominik Mysterio’s subsequent vulnerability.

The ramifications of such a shift could be monumental. With Ripley out of the picture, the internal discord within Judgment Day, particularly between Priest and Balor, could reach a boiling point. Murphy’s arrival and previous on-screen romantic involvement with Aalyah Mysterio, Dominik’s sister, would only add fuel to the fire, intensifying the existing rift.

Despite her on-screen commitments to Dominik Mysterio, Ripley has previously addressed the ease with which she balances her personal and professional life. However, Murphy’s presence in WWE could blur these boundaries, leading to unpredictable outcomes.

The wrestling community is now left in anticipation, eager to see if WWE will capitalize on this potentially explosive situation and bring Murphy back into the fold.

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