Ben Mankiewicz Critiques AEW Dynamite Parody Segment

When wrestling meets classic cinema, intriguing moments unfold.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ben Mankiewicz Critiques AEW Dynamite Parody Segment
© TCM Intros/YouTube

In an unexpected crossover between the world of classic cinema and professional wrestling, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) host Ben Mankiewicz found himself mentioned in a recent AEW Dynamite episode. During the October 25 episode, RJ City, a backstage personality for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), introduced "Timeless" Toni Storm's latest silent film, "Hold That Butler," humorously stating he was "not Ben Mankiewicz," who has been the esteemed host of TCM since 2003.

TCM, a Warner Bros Discovery-owned channel, shares its parent company with the networks that broadcast AEW—TNT and TBS. Reacting to the jesting nod, Mankiewicz took to social media platform X, expressing both intrigue and amusement: "I don't entirely know what's happening here, but I'm obviously into it."

AEW's Quick Reply

Not missing a beat, RJ City responded to Mankiewicz, "We're here if you need anything." AEW's official social media account also chimed in, humorously suggesting that they wanted an invitation to the TCM holiday party because it "kicks ass." RJ City has been instrumental in developing Toni Storm's "Timeless" persona, from conducting interviews during her transformation to now presenting her silent film segments.

These segments air during AEW's picture-in-picture moments, cleverly engaging viewers even during commercial breaks. Toni Storm’s "Timeless" character and her love for silent films connect seamlessly with the vintage cinema usually showcased on TCM.

It draws parallels to iconic characters like Norma Desmond from 1950's "Sunset Boulevard" or Margo Channing from "All About Eve," both films revered in Hollywood history. For aficionados of both classic films and professional wrestling, this playful interchange between RJ City and Ben Mankiewicz marks an unexpected yet welcomed synergy.

The segment blended two seemingly disparate worlds, capturing the attention of fans across genres and further amplifying AEW's reach. Could this pave the way for future collaborations or even a TCM-themed wrestling event? Only time will tell, but for now, this delightful TV crossover is exactly the mashup we never knew we needed.