Cody Rhodes Defeats Ex-Champion Despite Wrestling with Cast at WWE Event

Cody Rhodes makes a statement with a surprising victory.

by Atia Mukhtar
Cody Rhodes Defeats Ex-Champion Despite Wrestling with Cast at WWE Event
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In an impressive display of grit and tenacity, Cody Rhodes, fondly known as "The American Nightmare," proved he's a force to reckon with in WWE's landscape. Despite a tumultuous period that saw him lose the Undisputed Tag Team Titles and suffer an attack at the hands of Damian Priest, Rhodes demonstrated his resilience at a recent WWE Live Event in Cologne, Germany.

Astoundingly, he defeated former world champion, The Miz, even while nursing a severely injured ankle encased in a cast. This remarkable victory could be the momentum shifter Rhodes needs as he gears up for the WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

This follows a challenging period for the wrestler, who, alongside Jey Uso, was dethroned by The Judgment Day. To add insult to injury, Damian Priest left him battered during a recent episode of RAW. Undeterred, Rhodes called out Priest, setting the stage for an explosive showdown at Crown Jewel.

Rhodes Defies Odds

While the recent ambush by heel factions—complete with a steel chair attack courtesy of Mr. Money in the Bank—left Rhodes nursing his wounded ankle, it did little to dampen his competitive spirit.

Instead, he took the ring in Germany and bested The Miz, a win that many see as a pivotal moment in his wrestling narrative. Wrestling pundits are taking notice of Rhodes's ascension too. On the "Tuesday with The Taskmaster" podcast, former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan opined that Rhodes is poised to dethrone Roman Reigns.

The widespread sentiment suggests that Reigns might shift his focus towards Hollywood, making way for Cody to seize the championship. "They're gonna let Cody do it... Roman is going to Hollywood. We have a guy ready," Sullivan confidently stated.

As the wrestling community buzzes with anticipation, eyes are on WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, where Rhodes could complete his hero's journey by capturing the title. Although other contenders like The Rock are also in the mix, Cody Rhodes’s recent performance has significantly bolstered his stock.

As the countdown to WrestleMania begins, all top-tier talents are jockeying for position to face Reigns, but the recent surge by Rhodes, under adverse conditions, puts him in a compelling spot for the ultimate showdown.

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