SummerSlam 2024: Cleveland Leads

WWE fans buzz with excitement for the 2024 venue.

by Noman Rasool
SummerSlam 2024: Cleveland Leads
© WWE/YouTube

The anticipation is palpable as Cleveland, Ohio is rumored to be the next host city for WWE's 2024 SummerSlam, one of the company's marquee Premium Live Events. As insiders and wrestling enthusiasts already know, SummerSlam holds a distinct position within WWE's 'Big 5' – a stellar lineup that also includes WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and Money in the Bank.

SummerSlam's grandeur is only second to WrestleMania, making it a spectacle to behold every year. Fans still vividly recall the thrilling SummerSlam 2023, where Roman Reigns successfully defended his title as the Tribal Chief and retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

This victory, however, wasn't without controversy, as it came after a dubious interference by Jimmy Uso against Jey Uso. According to trusted sources at Fightful Select, the 37th edition of the 'Biggest Party of the Summer' is in strong consideration to be held in Cleveland.

While this piece of information has generated significant buzz, the exact venue for the event remains a topic of discussion. Two prime candidates have emerged as potential hosts: the expansive Cleveland Browns Stadium, boasting a capacity of 67,341, and Progressive Field, a more intimate setting with a seating capacity of 34,830.

Cleveland's prospects as the chosen city have been further bolstered by reports labeling it as the "front runner" and the "probable destination" for this premium showcase.

Cleveland's WWE Legacy

It's worth noting that Cleveland and WWE share a storied history, with the city playing host to numerous unforgettable wrestling moments.

In 1996, Cleveland proudly hosted SummerSlam. Fast forward to October 1999, and the city was the backdrop for the iconic No Merch tag-team ladder match between the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian. The drama continued with the 2001 InVasion event, marked by 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's unexpected alliance with the villainous faction.

Over the years, events like Survivor Series 2004, Unforgiven 2008, TLC 2014, and WWE's Fastlane in 2016 and 2019 have further solidified Cleveland's reputation as a wrestling hub. As the WWE Universe eagerly awaits official confirmation, one thing is certain: SummerSlam 2024 promises to be an electrifying affair, especially if it finds its home in Cleveland.