Scarlett Bordeaux to Host NXT Halloween Havoc: An Exclusive Interview Revealed

Co-hosts Shotzi and Scarlett dazzle at NXT's latest event.

by Noman Rasool
Scarlett Bordeaux to Host NXT Halloween Havoc: An Exclusive Interview Revealed
© WWE/Youtube

The action-packed night one of WWE's Halloween Havoc 2023 kicked off this past Tuesday on "WWE NXT," with thrilling in-ring action as well as captivating entertainment from co-hosts Shotzi and Scarlett Bordeaux. The star-studded event saw Lexis King notch a milestone debut win, Chase U seizing the tag titles from the formidable D'Angelo Family, and Lyra Valkyria stunning fans by toppling Becky Lynch to become the new "NXT" Women's Champion.

However, much of the buzz surrounding the event focused on the night's co-hosts, Shotzi and Scarlett, who stole the spotlight with their extravagant wardrobe changes. Speaking exclusively on Wednesday's episode of WWE's "The Bump," Scarlett described her experience as "hectic yet exhilarating," mentioning the frenzied series of makeup and wardrobe shifts that contributed to the event's mystique.

Raising the Bar

Scarlett graciously acknowledged Shotzi's track record as an exceptional host for Halloween Havoc, citing her memorable stints in 2020 and 2022. "Shotzi has set the bar incredibly high," Scarlett said. "She's essentially the gold standard when it comes to hosting this event, so I knew we had to go all-in on our costumes and makeup to make a comparable impact." The hosts were not just visual attractions but also ardent supporters of the night's groundbreaking matches, which put the spotlight firmly on WWE's female talent.

Highlights included Blair Davenport and Gigi Dolin's electrifying Lights Out Match, Roxanne Perez and Kiana James' intense Devil's Playground Match, and the high-stakes title bout between Valkyria and Lynch. With the Women's Breakout Tournament semifinals also on the card, the evening featured a total of five women's matches compared to only two men's matches.

"It's inspiring to see the women of NXT take center stage," Shotzi commented, reflecting the evening's sentiment. Both hosts expressed their admiration for each other, emphasizing that their collaborative efforts were seamless.

"Your passion for Halloween is infectious," Scarlett told Shotzi, adding that she would gladly co-host the event again "in a heartbeat." For those who missed this unforgettable night of wrestling action and entertainment, you'll definitely want to catch up—because if the hosts have anything to say about it, they're just getting started.