Booker T Believes Impact/TNA Could Be CM Punk Next Big Stage


Booker T Believes Impact/TNA Could Be CM Punk Next Big Stage
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In a recent installment of his popular podcast, "Hall of Fame," WWE legend Booker T opened up about why he believes Impact Wrestling, soon to be rebranded as TNA, could serve as an ideal stage for CM Punk’s wrestling resurgence.

Punk was recently sighted backstage at an Impact event, sparking speculations about a possible move. Booker T emphasized that Impact Wrestling could offer a nurturing environment for CM Punk to impart his wisdom on the rising talent within the promotion.

"The roster is flooded with young, aspiring talents, much like AEW. CM Punk could step in as a mentor and guide them," Booker T said. Notably, Booker T also highlighted that a smaller-scale venue like Impact Wrestling would magnify Punk's in-ring performance, a factor that could be a double-edged sword.

"In a smaller setting, you can’t hide your flaws. Every move is scrutinized, and let's face it, aging in this business usually means you're a step behind your younger self," Booker T commented.

Punk's Potential Impact

The five-time WCW champion further stated that Punk’s presence could be a defining moment for Impact Wrestling, particularly as it prepares to transition back to its TNA branding next year.

"Should CM Punk join, this could be the catalyst that positions TNA as a serious contender in the pro-wrestling world, a spot it once occupied," Booker T elaborated. He concluded by stating that CM Punk's potential move to TNA could be a game-changer not just for the promotion, but for the wrestling industry at large.

"If TNA's metrics surge and they begin to compete with AEW, questions will be raised about whether Tony Khan made the right moves. More importantly, it would be excellent for the business as a whole, reigniting a wrestling war that benefits everyone involved," said Booker T.

With Booker T's endorsement, the wrestling community is abuzz, awaiting to see if CM Punk will indeed make the move to Impact Wrestling, and if his star power is enough to elevate the promotion back to its former glory.

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