CM Punk Speaks Out on Potential Appearance at WWE Survivor Series


CM Punk Speaks Out on Potential Appearance at WWE Survivor Series
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As WWE fans around the world eagerly anticipate the upcoming Survivor Series event set to take place in Chicago on November 25, the buzz intensifies over one question: Will CM Punk, the 'Straight Edge Superstar,' make his much-anticipated return to the WWE ring? The speculation has reached a fever pitch, especially given that Punk is a free agent.

During a recent interview on the famous Chicago sports radio show, CM Punk addressed these rumours, 670 The Score. When asked directly if he would be gracing Survivor Series with his presence, Punk responded, "They're asking if I'm going to be there? I think it's sold out.

I think tickets are hard to get."

Punk's WWE Hints

Although some industry insiders have suggested that WWE is not interested in welcoming back the former WWE Champion, the company has been subtly name-dropping him in various segments and shows.

This has only added fuel to the fire of public curiosity. However, CM Punk himself seemed to shut down these speculations. He opened up about his life, emphasizing his contentment in taking on the role of a devoted dog dad. "I don't want to burst anybody's bubble.

I'm just sitting at home and enjoying this beautiful Chicago weather," said Punk. The wrestler also revealed a personal concern that has him preoccupied: his dog Larry has suffered an ACL injury. "I'm just spending my time with him.

I know that sounds crazy, but he is my son, and I take care of him and treat him as such," Punk continued. He further detailed how his commitments have taken a backseat as he tends to his canine companion. "Everything has stopped.

I'm fortunate to take time off from everything. I've cancelled things I have coming up. Travelling is hard. Leaving him here with my wife, April [AJ Lee], is tough. If there are two of us here taking care of him, it's easier," Punk explained.

With the Survivor Series fast approaching, the question remains: Will we see CM Punk back in the WWE arena? It seems unlikely, but as any seasoned WWE fan knows, never say never. All eyes will undoubtedly be on Chicago come November 25.

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